(in)significance and Standards v 1.4

Monday, February 2, 2015

1. Symposium date claimer

If you're interested in exploring heritage significance amongst peers note the date of Friday 15 May 2015 for the '(in)significance: a discussion of values and valuing in heritage' Symposium.

Convenors: Tracy Ireland and Steve Brown, Centre for Creative and Cultural Research (CCCR), University of Canberra

Venue: Ann Harding Conference Centre

2.   NSFAMG release

Version 1.4 of the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries were released in December 2014. The Standards are structured in three parts.

‘Managing the Museum’ focuses on museum management, from governance to day-to-day operations, resource management and future planning;

‘Involving People’ addresses the role of the museum in engaging and involving visitors and the wider community;

‘Developing a Significant Collection’ focuses on collection management and conservation.

Revisions (versions 1.1 to 1.4) comprise the repair of broken links and updating URL's to existing resources, the deletion of superseded resources, the addition of new resources and updated Taskforce Member details. No changes have been made to the structure of the document.

The release of this latest version continues the NSFAMG Taskforce’s commitment to continually reviewing the document to remain relevant and most useful to the needs of Australian museums and galleries.

Click here to access NSFAMG v 1.4

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